Grant Opportunities

We identify grant opportunities by talking to and meeting individuals and organizations working within our three priority areas of clinical research, data initiatives, and education and public health programs. We currently do not accept unsolicited proposals.

Successful grants closely align with the values and mission of
The Mueller Health Foundation and include a key set of attributes.
Our grants are:


We believe in innovative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking.


Because we are a data driven organization, we believe in developing robust monitoring and evaluation frameworks for all of our projects to showcase impact.


We believe in being transparent and foster a collaborative environment where new ideas are shared and valued. We also value the exchange of lessons learned, both good and bad.


To be truly transformational, our projects need to deliver long-term solutions that have scalable impact, demonstrate sustainability, and lead to lasting change.

Our Grantmaking Process

When we work with prospective grantees, we begin building the relationship through a two-stage process:
1 stage 01

Concept Note

The prospective grantee will be asked to provide us with a short two-page concept note that includes a high-level overview of the proposed project, an initial grant request amount in US dollars, and key performance indicators. Our team will work in close collaboration with the prospective grantee to prepare the concept note for review by the Executive Team.

2 stage 02

Proposal Assessment and Due Diligence

Once the Executive Team makes the decision to advance the concept note, the prospective grantee will be asked to create a full proposal in addition to a detailed budget. During this phase, our team will also conduct financial and legal due diligence as well as conduct a risk assessment of the organization. Our program team will closely collaborate with the grantee to ensure that a robust measurement framework is developed to assess the project’s outcomes and demonstrate impact. The full proposal and budget are then sent to the Executive Team for review. The estimated time frame from successful submission of a concept note to approval is approximately 12 weeks.

If you would like to learn more about our grantmaking process, please
send us an e-mail at