TBConnect Blockchain Application Platform

The Mueller Health Foundation strongly believes in creating a collaborative environment that enables efficient and effective information and data sharing with the aim of solving the most pressing problems related to tuberculosis. The goal is to create a global repository of high-quality data and information related to basic and clinical research, management, and public health policy in the area of tuberculosis and to allow participants to share this information in a safe and effective manner all while encouraging networking and sharing lessons learned. We strongly believe in the concept of Open Data, which is aligned with our values of increasing collaboration, fostering goodwill between researchers and other stakeholders, and helping to solve problems faster with increased confidence, while allowing the users to be credited with their findings and discoveries.
We have developed the first of its kind, blockchain-powered application called the TBConnect Blockchain Application Platform that allows stakeholders from a broad range of sectors, including research institutions, laboratories, scientists, clinicians, non-profits, governments, technology companies, and multi-lateral organizations to collaborate and share the latest information and data related to tuberculosis with one another. We believe this is the first step in creating an open and trusted date-sharing ecosystem to help close the data divide and make information more accessible.
Key features of our beta TBConnect Blockchain Application Platform include:
  • Ability to upload and share documents in various file formats including PDF, Word, Excel, and PPT;
  • Ability to designate who the information is shared with, such as individuals, teams, organizations, or the TBConnect community at large;
  • Ability to provide reviews and ratings related to the quality of the documents and information shared by other TBConnect users;
  • Ability to connect with other users via messaging or tele- and video-conferencing within the TBConnect application environment to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas;
  • Ability to enable increased transparency and to allow the users to take credit for the information shared, which is ensured by the inherent nature of the blockchain environment given that it creates an automatic audit trail of who posted and who edited information within the system.
To register for the beta TBConnect Blockchain Application Platform, please submit an e-mail to our TBConnect Systems Administrator at info@muellerhealthfoundation.org specifying your name, organization, title, and preferred e-mail address and we will send you your unique log-in information and password to your preferred e-mail address. Please note that by registering on our beta TBConnect Blockchain Application Platform, all users automatically agree to operate and share data and information in line with the TBConnect Blockchain Portal User Agreement.
You can access the TBConnect Blockchain Application Platform by using the link below and logging in with your assigned username and password:
For a brief overview of how to use the TBConnect Blockchain Application Platform, please take a look at our guidance video below. Additionally, for more detailed written instructions, you can also access our TBConnect Manual here.