Overview of MHF and InveniAI Partnership

The Mueller Health Foundation is partnering with InveniAI, a highly successful AI technology company based in Guilford, Conn., to create a new high-value AI-driven machine learning platform called TBMeld® to identify and accelerate transformative therapies and vaccines for the management, treatment, and cure of tuberculosis (TB). Additionally, the new platform will incorporate predictive modeling functionalities to estimate the effectiveness of TB drug compounds and compound combinations as well as the effectiveness of new TB vaccines. The overarching goal of the collaboration is to pioneer the use of precision medicine to be able to provide tailored, highly effective, and shorter treatment options for TB patients affected by both resistant and non-resistant strains of TB.

Aims of the Collaboration

Aim 1:
To develop a high-value AI/ML-based platform called TBMeld® for identifying new compounds and treatment options for tuberculosis by scanning existing databases containing scientific research papers and data.

Aim 2:
To develop predictive modeling capabilities within the TBMeld® platform to:

    1. Improve on predictive modeling for drug compound effectiveness;
    2. Predict effectiveness of existing TB drug compounds by testing out different combinations;
    3. Predict effectiveness of potential novel treatment regimens of existing TB drugs in combination with compounds disrupting the dormancy survival response under hypoxic conditions on the gene and protein level such as HIF1a inhibitors; and
    4. Predict effectiveness of BCG vaccine with the addition of population and age specific adjuvants.

Aim 3:
To expand the TB network in India by meeting and engaging policymakers, public health officials, scientists, laboratories, and TB research institutes across India to encourage the sharing of data and information on the TBMeld® platform.

About InveniAI

InveniAI® LLC, based in Guilford, Conn., is a global leader pioneering the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to transform innovation across drug discovery and development by identifying and accelerating transformative therapies for diseases with unmet medical needs. The company leverages AI and ML to harness petabytes of disparate data sets to recognize and unlock value for AI-based drug discovery and development. Numerous industry collaborations in Big Pharma, Specialty Pharma, Biotech, and Consumer Healthcare showcase the value of leveraging our technology to meld human experience and expertise with the power of machines to augment R&D decision-making across all major therapeutic areas. The company leverages the AlphaMeld® platform to generate drug candidates for our industry partners and internal drug portfolio. For more information, visit www.inveniai.com.