Become a Partner

Our partners are disrupters in their industry and are innovative in their approach to problem solving. They are risk takers and truly believe in exploring new solutions and treatments to fight disease. The well-being and dignity of the individual is a core value that our partners believe in. We are continuously looking to expand our partner network and welcome individuals, institutions, and corporations to join us in finding innovative treatment options. Whether you or your organization has extensive scientific knowledge, expertise in AI, Blockchain and data analytics, or a background in public health, we would love to hear from you and explore partnership opportunities!

What is it like to be a partner?

We at The Mueller Health Foundation believe in collaboration and creating lasting relationships with our partners. We value their expertise and input and we foster an environment where partners become an integral part of The Mueller Health Foundation and its community. Transparency is important to building a lasting partnership and we aim to share information and detailed reports on our portfolio and work with our partners. But most importantly, we like to connect with our partners on an individual basis throughout the year to ensure successful collaboration and the greatest level of impact.

We are excited to explore partnership opportunities with you!

Once you have completed the information below, someone from our team will reach out to you to see how we can work together in tackling diseases.